Upgrade Desktop Sync

You’ll be notified when a newer version of Desktop Sync is provided by your IT team. This is shown as a notification in the system tray (Windows) or in the menu bar (Mac).

When a new version of Desktop Sync is available to install, a warning icon is displayed.

  1. Click the notification or select one of the following options:

    • (Windows) Right-click the system tray icon and select Update client.
    • (Mac) Click the menu bar icon and select Update client.

    The new installer is downloaded to your local Downloads folder.

  2. Once the download completes, then the installer starts automatically.

  3. Follow the steps in Installing Desktop Sync to complete the installation.


    • If the download fails, then a notification is shown. Re-try the installer download to continue.
    • If you choose to defer the update, or the install doesn’t complete, then the notification is repeated daily, and each time that the app is restarted.

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