Starting processes

You can start a process in Alfresco Digital Workspace.

  1. Log in to Alfresco Digital Workspace.

  2. Navigate to a file you want to work with using a process from Alfresco Process Services.

  3. Right click and select Start Process.

  4. Select the Alfresco Process Services category your process is categorised under from the Select Category drop down list.

  5. Select the Process you want to use from the Select Process drop down list.

  6. A default Process name is pre filled but it can be changed or more information can be added.

  7. Enter any other information required by the Alfresco Process Services form.

    What can be entered into the form will be specific to your organization and the type of form in Alfresco Process Services.

  8. Click Start Process.

    Once the process starts you can view the running process by clicking View running process at the bottom of the window.

    Note: You can also start a process by clicking New in the main Alfresco Digital Workspace window or by right clicking a file in your search results and selecting Start Process.

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