Alfresco Federation Services

Install Federation Services

The Federation Services capability for Alfresco Content Services is delivered in a number of installation files.


Check the supported platforms for information on what you require before you start the installation.

Note: A compatible version of Alfresco Governance Services (if you plan to use the Manage in Place capabilities) is required, for example: if using Alfresco Content Services 6.2, make sure that you install Alfresco Governance Services 3.2 or above.

You can download the Federation Services software from the Alfresco Support Portal.

Federation Services requirements

  • Federation Services Admin server (i.e. Simflofy Admin)
  • TSearch component (provides federated search capabilities)
  • MongoDB server
  • Tomcat server

    Note: We recommend using a separate instance, where possible, instead of using the same one used by Alfresco Content Services.

See the Simflofy documentation, for specific hardware and software requirements.

Note: This release of Alfresco Federation Services doesn’t support deployment in Docker containers.

Install steps

These steps describe how to install Federation Services to an instance of Alfresco Content Services.

  1. Go to the Alfresco Support Portal and download the files provided for the Federation Services release.

    This should include the following:

    • federation.war: Simflofy Admin application
    • t-search- Federated search application
    • transparent-content-services-platform- Transparent Content Services (TCS) JAR module for Manage-In-Place (to be applied to the Alfresco Content Services repository)
    • transparent-content-services-share- Transparent Content Services (TCS) JAR module for Manage-In-Place (to be applied to Alfresco Share)
  2. Follow the steps in the Simflofy documentation, Installing Simflofy Admin.

  3. After completing all the installation steps, you’ll need to access the Admin app through your preferred browser to configure your installation.

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