Managing permissions

To ensure the security of your Records Management system you can easily manage user permissions to control which users and groups can see and work in different sections of the File Plan.

In Alfresco Records Management there are 2 different methods for managing what users can and can’t do:

  • Roles and capabilities are managed by the Alfresco administrator, and control the actions users have within the File Plan, such as the ability to create record categories or record folders.
  • User permissions are managed at folder and category level, and control whether users can read and file or just read.

User permissions aren’t granted by default. If a user hasn’t been given permission to read a folder or category, then they won’t see it in the File Plan. Only Records Management Administrators are granted access to all areas of the File Plan by default.

By managing your user permissions you can create restricted areas of the File Plan that are only available to selected users. For an area that all users should have access to, you need to make sure that all users have been given permission to see it.

Setting user permissions

Setting user permissions on folders and categories lets you control who can see and work in different areas of the File Plan.

Tip: Remember that until you have given users permission for a folder or category they won’t be able to see it or work with its contents.

  1. Click Manage Permissions when you’re in the folder or category you want to set permissions for in the File Plan.

    Tip: You can also hover over a folder in the File Plan and click More then Manage Permissions, or a category in the File Plan and click Manage Permissions.

    The Manage Permissions page opens with the name of the selected folder or category displayed. Any users and groups that currently have permissions assigned are also displayed. You can change existing user permissions or Remove them entirely.

  2. Click Add User or Group.

  3. Enter the name of an individual user, a group, or a Records Management role and click Search.

    All users, groups, and roles matching the search are displayed.

  4. Click Add next to the user, group, or role that you want to add permissions for.

    Tip: You can add permissions for as many users, groups, and roles as you want.

  5. Select either Read and File or Read Only.

    Read and File allows users to work with content, whereas users with Read Only permission can only view content.

  6. When you’re finished click Save to return to the File Plan.

    The permissions you’ve set are now applied to the folder or category you selected and any folders or categories it contains. You can change these as needed on a folder or category basis.

See also video explaining setting user permissions.

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