Install Identity Service from ZIP file

The Identity Service can be installed using a standalone ZIP distribution. A default realm called Alfresco is installed.


  • Java 8 or Java 11 JDK installed

Installation steps

  1. Download the zip file for the Identity Service from the Support Portal.

  2. Move the downloaded zip file to install location of choice and unzip the contents:

    For a Linux or Unix environment:

     $ unzip

    For a Windows environment:

     > unzip
  3. Change directory to the bin directory of the unzipped folder and run the standalone start script:

    Note: To bind to all public interfaces use as the value of IP_ADDRESS otherwise use the address of a specific interface.

    For a Linux or Unix environment:

     $ cd alfresco-identity-service-1.6.0/bin
     $ ./ -b <IP_ADDRESS>

    For a Windows environment using a bat script:

     > ...\alfresco-identity-service-1.6.0\bin\standalone.bat -b <IP_ADDRESS>

    For a Windows environment using a Powershell script:

     > ...\alfresco-identity-service-1.6.0\bin\standalone.ps1 -b <IP_ADDRESS>
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/auth once the service has started.

  5. Enter a username and password to create an administrator user for the master realm.

The administrator console for the Alfresco realm can be accessed at http://localhost:8080/auth/admin/alfresco/console/. The administrator user for this realm has the following credentials:

Property Value
Administrator username admin
Administrator password admin
Administrator email address
Alfresco client redirect URIs *

Important: Reset the administrator password for the Alfresco realm when first signing into its administrator console.

The Identity Service can be configured further.

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