Upgrade Identity Service

Use the following information to upgrade the Identity Service to version 1.6.

Note: After the upgrade the database will no longer be compatible with the old server.

Important: Upgrading the Identity Service requires downtime and should be performed in a test environment before being attempted in a production environment.

Note: For Keycloak’s upgrade documentation see upgrade procedure.

Upgrade from version 1.2

If you are currently using the Identity Service 1.2 you must first modify the First Broker Login authentication before upgrading to version 1.6.

  1. Log into the Keycloak administration console and select the Alfresco realm.

  2. Select Authentication from the menu on the left to open the authentication configuration page.

  3. Select First Broker Login from the dropdown menu.

  4. Ensure Create User If Unique (create unique user config) flow is set to ALTERNATIVE.

Result: You can now upgrade directly to version 1.6.

Remove SmallRye references

Important: You must manually remove all the SmallRye modules in the standalone.xml file before upgrading to version 1.6. From Keycloak 13.0.0 the modules called SmallRye have been removed from the WildFly application. The server will not start if your configuration references them. For more information see Migrating to 13.0.0.

Upgrade ZIP installation

Use the following information to upgrade your ZIP installation:

  1. Download the file from Hyland Community.

  2. Unzip the ZIP file and configure your installation using the Keycloak documentation. Upgrading Keycloak.

Upgrade Kubernetes deployment with PostgreSQL database

Upgrade from chart >=1.1.0 to 2.1.0

The upgrade should be seamless.

Upgrade to chart >=3.0.0

  1. Identify your chart release name and namespace and save them into variables.

     export RELEASENAME=<Your-Release-Name>
     export RELEASENAMESPACE=<Your-Release-Namespace>
  2. Delete the postgresql StatefulSets.

     kubectl delete statefulsets.apps $RELEASENAME-postgresql-id --cascade=false --namespace $RELEASENAMESPACE
  3. Upgrade Identity Service.

     helm upgrade $RELEASENAME alfresco-stable/alfresco-identity-service --version=3.0.0 --namespace $RELEASENAMESPACE
  4. Delete the postgresql pod.

     kubectl delete pod $RELEASENAME-postgresql-id-0 --namespace $RELEASENAMESPACE

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