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Installing Alfresco Outlook Integration

There are three steps to installing Alfresco Outlook Integration: install the Alfresco AMP files (the Alfresco Outlook Server software), apply the licenses and then install the Microsoft Outlook zip file (the Alfresco Outlook Client software).
Make sure you are running the correct versions of operating system and software before you install the AMP files. See Prerequisites for using Alfresco Outlook Integration for more information. If you plan to use SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) for Alfresco Content Services authentication, check the requirements in Prerequisites for using SAML SSO with Alfresco for more information.
  1. Stop the Alfresco server.
  2. Browse to the Alfresco Support Portal: and download and unzip the Alfresco Outlook Integration zip package:

  3. Copy the provided AMP files to the Alfresco amps and amps_share directories.

    Copy this file to the amps directory:
    • alfresco-outlook-repository-2.7.x.amp
    and this file to the amps_share directory:
    • alfresco-outlook-share-2.7.x.amp
  4. To install the AMP files, run the apply_amps.bat file from the Alfresco bin directory.

    Check the output from the script to ensure that the AMP files have installed successfully.

  5. Restart the Alfresco server.
  6. Open Alfresco Share, and click Admin Tools on the Alfresco toolbar to see the Outlook configuration section.

    The URL is:

    where localhost:8080 is your Alfresco server and port number.
If you plan to use SAML SSO, you need to install and configure the Alfresco SAML module. See Installing SAML SSO in Alfresco and Configuring SAML SSO for more information.

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