Alfresco Search and Insight Engine

Indexing recommendations

When upgrading from a previous Insight Engine version you should review these indexing considerations:

Cross Locale

By default, Insight Engine is provided with cross-language search support disabled. This default configuration affects all the deployment artifacts, i.e. using a zip file or Docker image.

If you use several languages across your organization, you must enable cross-language search support in all text fields. To do this update the alfresco-insight-engine/solrhome/conf/ configuration file:


Note: A reindex of Insight Engine is required after applying the configuration.

To Search you must prefix it with =.

Note: Exact term search will not work correctly unless the Cross Locale configuration is enabled. There are some limitations if you deploy Insight Engine with Cross Locale configuration disabled.

  • The Equals operator = must not be used in the user search boxes within the user interface i.e Share, ACS and Digital Workspace, because it will produce 0 results and the following error will show in the SOLR Logs:
Exact Term search is not supported unless you configure the field
<{}title> for cross locale search
  • Facet labels may be shown incorrectly in the user interface because they include the localization prefix in addition to the original value. For instance {en}value instead of value.

  • Queries used in Alfresco Search REST API only accept the equals operator = for content model properties when the tokenization is set to false. Note: If the tokenization is set to false then the = operator will perform an exact field search, rather than an exact term search. The other tokenization options true and both will raise an exception when being used with the equals operator. Changing the tokenization option for a property requires re-indexing all those values in SOLR, this means you must design your custom content model carefully before deploying it to a production environment. For example:

<property name="cm:sample">
    <index enabled="true">

The following features are working as expected in Insight Engine 2.0 and above deployments with Cross Locale configuration enabled:

  • Equals operator can be used from the user interface search boxes and the results are as expected
  • Facet labels are returned without the localization prefix, so they are shown consistently in the user interface
  • Queries used in Alfresco Search REST API accept the equals operator = for properties with every tokenisation option: false, true and both.

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