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Uninstalling Outlook Client

Learn how to uninstall the Alfresco Outlook Client.
Note: You can uninstall the Outlook client from your Microsoft Windows machines. Using the standard Programs > Uninstall Program feature in Windows. Look for Alfresco Outlook Client and uninstall it.

There are two different ways to uninstalling the Alfresco Outlook Client for enterprise installations:

  1. Use the original .msi file to uninstall the client by running a single command.

    msiexec /x <Path_to_msi_file> /q

    where /x = uninstall, /q = silent.

  2. Use the identifying number.

    The identifying number is tied to a specific version of your Alfresco Outlook Integration. If your users have different versions installed, you need to find out the product IDs for each version.

    1. Install the plugin version that was distributed to the machines of your end users.
    2. Run the PowerShell command:

      get-wmiobject Win32_Product | Format-Table IdentifyingNumber, Name, LocalPackage -AutoSize
    3. Search for Alfresco Outlook Client and copy the identifying number from the first column of the output (including the brackets).
    4. Run the msiexec command with administration permissions on the end user machine using the identifying number. For example:

      msiexec /x  {723B7FFD-3B53-4786-9741-D845BC1796A3} /q

      where /x = uninstall, /q = silent.

      Note: For more Microsoft msiexec documentation, see Command-Line Options.

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