Upgrade Process Services

You can upgrade from earlier versions to Process Services.

Note: Before upgrading, you should back up your database and properties files, such as

There are two methods for upgrading:

  • Using the Process Services setup wizard
  • Manually

Important: If you integrate Process Services with Alfresco Content Services then be aware that from version 1.11 only repositories on version 5.2 and later are supported. Upgrade to a later version of Alfresco Content Services before updating Process Services to continue using this functionality.

Upgrade using a setup wizard

You can use the Process Services setup wizard to upgrade to the 1.11 version. The process is similar to installing for the first time.

Follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. Double-click the Process Services setup wizard.
  2. Follow the instructions to install the 1.11 version of Process Services.
  3. After the installation is complete, copy the activiti.lic file to the Process Services installation directory: <Install>/tomcat/lib folder.

Alternatively, copy the license to your home directory using the terminal (OSX) or command prompt (Windows):


Tip: You can also upload a license from the user interface.

Upgrade manually

You can upgrade using the WAR file in your application server distribution. These instructions use the WAR file from the Apache Tomcat based distribution, however you can choose from different distributions for various application servers.

Review the Supported Stacks list to see what’s supported.

Follow these steps to upgrade using the War file:

  1. Stop the web server running the application.
  2. Deploy the new WAR file in your web server by placing it in the /webapps folder in Tomcat.
  3. Boot up the web server and start Process Services to check if it’s working as expected.

Any database upgrade changes should have now been applied.

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