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Process Definitions

Get a list of process definitions (visible within the tenant of the user):

GET api/enterprise/process-definitions

Example response:

     "size": 5,
     "total": 5,
     "data": [
                                "id": "demoprocess:1:7504",
                                "name": "Demo process",
                                "description": null,
                                "key": "demoprocess",
                                "category": "",
                                "version": 1,
                                "deploymentId": "7501",
                                "tenantId": "tenant_1",
                                "hasStartForm": true
     "start": 0

Following parameters are available:

  • latest: A boolean value, indicating that only the latest versions of process definitions must be returned.

  • appDefinitionId: Returns process definitions that belong to a certain app.

To get the candidate starters associated to a process definition:

GET api/enterprise/process-definitions/{processDefinitionId}/identitylinks/{family}/{identityId}


  • processDefinitionId: The ID of the process definition to get the identity links for.

  • family: Indicates groups or users, depending on the type of identity link.

  • identityId: The ID of the identity.

To add a candidate starter to a process definition:

POST api/enterprise/process-definitions/{processDefinitionId}/identitylinks

Request body (user):

    "user" : "1"

Request body (group):

    "group" : "1001"

To delete a candidate starter from a process definition:

DELETE api/enterprise/process-definitions/{processDefinitionId}/identitylinks/{family}/{identityId}

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