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Process Instance List

To get the list of process instances:

POST api/enterprise/process-instances/query

with a json body containing the query parameters. The following parameters are possible:

  • processDefinitionId

  • appDefinitionId

  • state (possible values are running, completed and all)

  • sort (possible values are created-desc, created-asc, ended-desc, ended-asc)

  • start (for paging, default 0)

  • size (for paging, default 25)

Example response:

        "size": 6,
        "total": 6,
        "start": 0,
                {"id": "2511", "name": "Test step - January 8th 2015", "businessKey": null, "processDefinitionId": "teststep:3:29"...},

To get a process instance:

GET api/enterprise/process-instances/{processInstanceId}

To get diagram for a process instance:

GET api/enterprise/process-instances/{processInstanceId}/diagram

To delete a Process Instance:

DELETE api/enterprise/process-instances/{processInstanceId}

To suspend a process instance:

PUT api/enterprise/process-instances/{processInstanceId}/suspend

To activate a process instance:

PUT api/enterprise/process-instances/{processInstanceId}/activate

Where, processinstanceId is the Id of the process instance.

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