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Task Audit Info (as JSON)

To obtain the audit information for a specific task in JSON format, use the following URL:

GET api/enterprise/tasks/{taskId}/audit


200 Ok

If everything works as expected and the task is accessible to the current user, then the response will be as follows:

  "taskId": "18",
  "taskName": null,
  "processInstanceId": "5",
  "processDefinitionName": "TEST decision process",
  "processDefinitionVersion": 1,
  "assignee": "Mr Activiti",
  "startTime": "Wed Jan 20 22:03:05 EET 2016",
  "endTime": "Wed Jan 20 22:03:09 EET 2016",
  "formData": [],
  "selectedOutcome": null,
  "comments": []

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