Run Sync Service via a script

Use these instructions to run the Sync Service using a script.

Ensure that you’ve installed the required software before installing Sync Service.

Before you start the Sync Service, see the Prerequisites and Readme.txt file included in the for more information.

  1. Create a user that you’ll use to run the process.

    1. For Linux:

      Create a user named dsync that you’ll use to run the process, with user home set to /opt/alfresco-sync-service.

      For example:

       sudo useradd -m -d /opt/alfresco-sync-service dsync

      The format of the command is: sudo useradd -m -d </PATH/TO/FOLDER> <USERNAME>

    2. For Windows:

      You only need a dedicated user if JMX remote authentication is enabled. See Readme.txt file in for details.

  2. Use one of the start up scripts from the distribution zip.

    • For Linux:
    • For Windows: syncservice.bat

    On Linux:

    1. Make the script file executable:

       sudo chmod +x /opt/alfresco-sync-service/
    2. Start the Sync Service by issuing the following command:

       sudo /opt/alfresco-sync-service/ start
    3. Stop the Sync Service by issuing the following command:

       sudo /opt/alfresco-sync-service/ stop

    On Windows:

    1. Run syncservice.bat to start the Sync Service.

    2. Press CTRL+C to stop the Sync Service, or via JMX. See Readme.txt for more.

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