Upgrade Sync Service

Use these instructions to upgrade your instance of the Sync Service from version 2.2.0 to version 3.4.

  1. Download the latest Sync Service zip file from the Alfresco Support Portal.

  2. Stop the Alfresco Content Services server.

  3. Stop the Sync Service.

  4. Back up Alfresco Content Services using the instructions in Back up and restore the repository.

  5. Backup your Sync Service database using the steps in Back up and restore Sync Service.

  6. Configure the Sync Service using the steps in Install Sync Service.

  7. Test that you can connect successfully to Alfresco Content Services from Desktop Sync.

Important: When you apply the new Sync Service AMPs, apply them to clean/ vanilla WAR files to avoid the risk of having multiple versions of the same AMP. See Uninstalling an AMP file for information about removing AMPs.

Important: When upgrading, ensure that you use the new config.yml supplied in the latest Sync Service ZIP. Copy your existing settings from the config.yml file into the new file. The differences in the config.yml file between 2.2.0 and 3.4 are detailed in the Releases Notes, which are available from the Alfresco Support Portal.

Important: When upgrading Alfresco Content Services, ensure that the correct licence file is installed in the Alfresco folder before starting Alfresco Content Services; Alfresco will not start correctly with the Sync Service AMP applied when an invalid licence is present. See Uploading a new license for details on adding license files.

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