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Setting up clustering

There are a number of prerequisites and configuration properties to consider when setting up Sync Service in a clustered environment.


For the Sync Service to run in clustered mode, ensure that your Alfresco instance has a clustering license installed and clustering is enabled.

Clustering through load balancer

If you're using a load balancer, set the dsync.service.uris property to point to the address of the load balancer in

For example, if a load balancer is set up to run on, modify the file to include the following:
### DesktopSync ###

Clustering properties

Configure the sync server cluster by setting the following properties in the config.yml file.
Note: These properties are optional.
Clustering property Example setting Description
sync.cluster.enabled true This enables clustering.
sync.cluster.interface 10.256.*.* This specifies a particular network interface to use for clustering. It might be a wildcard value, such as 10.256.*.*, which means an attempt is made to bind with an interface having an IP address beginning with 10.256.
sync.clusterCheck.timeout 4000 This specifies the time to wait for a cluster node ping before marking the node as not alive (ms).
sync.hazelcast.password synccluster This specifies the password used by the cluster members to access or join the Hazelcast cluster.
sync.hazelcast.port 5701 This specifies the port to use for clustering.
sync.hazelcast.autoinc.port false This enables Hazelcast to make several attempts to find a free port, starting at the value of alfresco.hazelcast.port.

Note: It's recommended that you don't use this property. 15 This specifies the maximum timeout of heartbeat (in seconds) for a node to assume it is dead.
sync.hazelcast.bind.any false This specifies if Hazelcast can bind to any/all interfaces. This must be false for the sync.cluster.interface property to have any meaningful effect.
sync.hazelcast.mancenter.enabled false This specifies if the Hazelcast Management Center (mancenter) is being used for cluster management. See the Hazelcast documentation for more information.
sync.hazelcast.mancenter.url http://<host-ip>:<port>/mancenter This specifies the mancenter URL.
Note: Please ensure that:
  1. Clocks on all the sync server nodes (cluster members) are synchronized using a tool like
  2. All the cluster nodes have the same settings in config.yml file, with one possible exception. Only change the <sync.cluster.interface> property, if the IP address of the cluster node is specified instead of a wildcard value.

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