Compatibility with Alfresco Governance Services

Desktop Sync is fully compatible with Alfresco Governance Services. This topic explains how Desktop Sync handles records and classified files.

Initial content sync

Sites and folders available to synchronize may already include files that have been declared as records and/or files that are classified. When synchronization starts, the files are treated as follows:

  • Classified Files are not synchronized to any users desktops
  • Records are synchronized as read-only files, which can’t be edited on the desktop
  • The Records Management File Plan is not available to synchronize

Content synchronization

Once the initial synchronization is completed, Governance actions are treated in specific ways:

  • When a file is Classified then it’s removed from users desktops
  • Files that are Declared as Records are synchronized as ready only
  • If a Classified file is Declassified then synchronization will resume
  • If a record is Rejected, then its editable state will return where user permissions are sufficient

Desktop record declaration

Files can be declared as records from within Windows Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

  • Windows: Right-click the file and select Declare as Record under Alfresco Sync
  • Mac: Right-click the file and select Declare as Record

Note: Declare as Record is not available with Alfresco One 5.1.

Hidden records

Records that are hidden from a collaboration site are removed from users desktops.

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