Manage the version history

You can view and manage the version history from the Windows Explorer/Mac Finder menu actions.

  1. In your Alfresco synced folder, find the file that you want to update.

  2. Right-click the item and select Version History.

    A window appears displaying the version history with a number of available actions. The latest version of the file is shown at the top of the left panel, with older versions listed below it (if available).

    For example on Windows:

    For example on Mac:

  3. Click Download to download the selected version to your Downloads folder.

    The file name is saved using format <filename>-<version.number>.<ext>.

  4. Click Revert to revert the content to the version selected in the left panel.

    A new minor version is created based on the selected version.

  5. Click Delete to remove the selected version.

    New changes are shown in the properties panel for Share or Digital Workspace.


    • The default download location isn’t changeable.
    • You’ll see a notification when reverting and deleting a version.

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