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What's new in Desktop Sync

Read about the latest features in this release.

Desktop Sync 1.1 includes the following new features:

Check Out / In

For files that are synchronized to your computer, the current checked out status from the server is replicated in your desktop. You can check files out by simply using a right-click action. This locks the file on the server to prevent other users from editing it. When another user checks a file out, you're prevented from making local changes; the application will notify you when the status is changed and the file is available for editing.

See Working with Desktop Sync (Windows) and Working with Desktop Sync (Mac) for more.

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The permission granted to you for all content that you synchronize is now reflected on your computer.

For example, if you have the role of a Consumer in a site that you sync, then you'll have read-only permissions on the desktop. Any changes to permissions for content you sync is automatically updated by the Desktop Sync application.

See Permissions for more.

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Records and classified files

Support is provided for records and classified files where the Alfresco Governance Services module is installed. Any synced file that's declared as a record will be set to read-only, preventing users from editing it locally. Files can also be declared as a record via the right-click actions menu. Classified files are not synced to users' desktops, and are automatically removed when classification is applied retrospectively.

See Governance Services support for more.

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