Install into other webserver

You can deploy Alfresco Digital Workspace into a different web server than where Alfresco Content Services is running. You can use another instance of Tomcat, a lightweight web server such as NGINX, or you can use a web server of your choice. First you need to install Alfresco Content Services 6.2 or above using the distribution zip. See Installing using distribution zip for more information.

  1. Log in to the Support Portal.

  2. Go to the Downloads area and select Alfresco Digital Workspace.

  3. Download for the required version. is the file name followed by the version of Alfresco Digital Workspace, for example

  4. On the server where you want to host Alfresco Digital Workspace extract the files to <webserver-location>/html.

    Note: This is the public html folder.

  5. Browse the extracted files and open app.config.json in a text editor.

  6. Edit the app.config.json file and change the ecmHost property to be the same as your Alfresco Content Services server and allocated port. For example:


  7. Also in the app.config.json file, change the baseShareUrl property to be the server name of Alfresco Digital Workspace. For example:

    http://<appservername>:port/alfresco-digital-workspace-x.x.x (alfresco-digital-workspace-x.x.x being the name of the zip file)

    Note: If Quickshare is disabled in Alfresco Content Services ignore this step.

    To disable Quickshare, set system.quickshare.enabled=false in the \tomcat\shared\classes\ file. For more information, see Using the file.

  8. Save the file.

  9. Open your browser and access Alfresco Digital Workspace:


Note: When deploying Alfresco Digital Workspace to a different web server, it is recommended you setup Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). For more information, see Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) filters and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

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