Configuring Process Services

You must configure Alfresco Digital Workspace to work with Alfresco Process Services. You cannot use Alfresco Digital Workspace with Alfresco Process Services if you do not have Single Sign-On (SSO) configured between Alfresco Process Services and Alfresco Content Services.

Note: For information on how to configure Alfresco Process Services and Alfresco Content Services to use SSO see Configure an Alfresco Content Services connection using Single Sign On (SSO).

  1. Ensure you have installed Alfresco Digital Workspace, see Installation overview

  2. Access the ../digital-workspace/app.config.json file and set the following properties:

  • Set the processService property to "true" (you must include the quotation marks)
  • Set the bpmHost property, for example
  • (Optional) Set the adf-start-process property, by default it is set to %{processDefinition} - %{datetime}
  • Change the providers property to all

    Note: You can configure Alfresco Process Services in greater detail by changing the ../digital-workspace/app.config.json file further. See Configure Digital Workspace for a definition of all these properties. For more information on the other properties available using the Alfresco Development Framework see Process Services API.

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