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Features not supported in a multi-tenant environment

There are some features and components that are not supported in a multi-tenant production environment.

Using multi-tenancy you can configure multiple, independent tenants on a single Alfresco Content Services instance. However, multi-tenancy is not supported in the following products and features:

  • Alfresco Desktop Sync
  • Alfresco Records Management
  • Smart Folders
  • Content replication
  • Encrypted Content Store
  • Document Transformation Engine
  • EMC Centera Connector
  • Web Quick Start
  • Alfresco Mobile Applications (they use the default tenant and can't switch between tenants)
  • Alfresco Outlook Integration
  • Alfresco Media Management
  • Activiti Workflow Console

Multi-tenancy is also not supported for the following methods:

  • CIFS
  • LDAP, NTLM and authentication methods other than alfresco
  • Inbound email
  • IMAP

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