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Alfresco Content Services SDK 3

Alfresco Content Services SDK 3 is a Maven based development kit that provides an easy to use approach to developing applications and extensions for Alfresco. With this SDK you can develop, package, test, run, document and release your extension project.

For earlier releases of the Alfresco SDK, see the Previous versions section of

This Software Development Kit (SDK) is a fundamental tool provided by Alfresco to developers to build customizations and extensions for the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. It is based on Apache Maven and is compatible with major IDEs. This enables Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Test Driven Development (TDD).

Alfresco Content Services SDK 3 is released under Apache License version 2.0 and supports Alfresco Content Services both in Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. If you're an Enterprise customer, check the Support status for the version you're using. If your version is in Limited or Full Support and you need help, contact our Support team

Alfresco Content Services SDK 3 is a major update to the SDK and provides several improvements on the previous releases.

This release takes advantage of Semantic Versioning (SEMVER), which means that it is not directly compatible with the previous releases of the SDK.
Note: If you have existing projects that you wish to upgrade to SDK 3.0.x, the recommended approach is to generate a new project from our archetypes and move your code into place.

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