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Troubleshooting WebDAV

Diagnose and resolve issues that might arise when configuring WebDAV.

Alfresco Content Services uses two implementations of WebDAV:
  • RFC-compliant WebDAV: alfresco/webdav
  • Microsoft-compliant WebDAV: alfresco/aos
Microsoft WebDAV extensions (MS-DAVEXT) are only partially compatible with the WebDAV standard, therefore it is recommended that you use /alfresco/aos on Windows clients and /alfresco/webdav on Linux-based systems.


Unable to mount WebDAV share

  • Check if Alfresco Content Services has finished loading. Look for a Server startup message in the log file
  • Check if the connection works if you use the IP address instead of the host name
  • Check if you can browse folders using https://<alfresco_ip>/alfresco/aos in a web browser
  • Add your server IP to the Trusted sites list in Windows Internet Explorer
  • Make sure the WebClient service is running. To do so, follow the steps:
    1. Start services.msc.
    2. Start the WebClient service.
    Note: For details on running the WebClient service, see Enabling the WebClient service in Windows .
  • If you are not using SSL, check your connection configuration for Windows and Microsoft Office.
    Note: Refer to Microsoft for details on setting the Basic Authentication Level key in the Registry Editor.
  • If you can connect to the server but cannot authenticate your login details, check if you can use the same user name and password to log in to Alfresco Share.

Moving a file or folder using WebDAV on an Ubuntu client causes loss of metadata and creates a new node reference

There is a known issue where Ubuntu creates a new nodeRef when you move a file or a folder in WebDAV, because it uses PUT and DELETE methods instead of a MOVE method. As a result, the nodeRef for the file or folder changes and any associated metadata is lost. This issue applies to all versions of Ubuntu, but does not occur when using a Windows client.

Editor role cannot edit content using WebDAV and Cyberduck version 4.4+

There is a known issue when using WebDAV with Cyberduck 4.4 and later, where content cannot be edited due to insufficient permissions. To avoid this, you can either use a version of Cyberduck earlier than 4.4, or assign permissions to the user to allow them to create files.

Slow response when working with WebDav resources on Microsoft Windows Vista or 7

There is a known issue where you may experience poor performance when opening a WebDav folder, copying files to or from a WebDav folder, or changing from one folder to another on the WebDav folder. This can be caused because when WebClient issues a WebDAV command it checks for a web proxy server. If you have Auto-Proxy detection enabled and there isn't a proxy server in the environment between the client and WebDAV resource, WebClient waits for the timeout of Auto-Proxy detection. Command completion therefore will take longer due to the wait for the Auto-Proxy detection timeout.

For more information and a work around see Slow response working with WebDAV resources on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

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