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The ReST APIs lets you access content in an on-premise repository from your own applications. The APIs are ReSTful, which means each call is an HTTP request, so you don't even need a programming language to try it out. You can just type a URL address in a web browser. There are two types of ReST APIs, the Alfresco ReST API and the standard CMIS ReST API.

Alfresco ReST API

Use the Alfresco ReST API version 1.0 when developing remote clients. The quickest way to get started is to use the User Guide with the ReST API Explorer as a Reference Guide, based on the OpenAPI initiative. It gives you full documentation for each endpoint, and a Try it out! button so you can use each method.


Use the CMIS ReST API for use cases that require portability between different ECM systems.

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