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TagScope object

The tagging-related ScriptNode methods such as getTagScope return TagScope objects.


A TagScope object represents the roll up of tags within the scope of a node tree. More specifically, a tag scope is a designated container (i.e. a folder) for tagged content. The tag scope defines a set of aggregated data (tag scope data) on the number of occurences (i.e. count) of each tag within the container. The repository tagging services are responsible for keeping the tag scope data up-to-date as tags are added and removed from files and folders within the container.

When a cm:tasgscope aspect is applied to a cm:folder node it defines a tag scope container, which aggregates the occurence of tags applied to objects within the container.

<aspect name='cm:tagscope'>
    <title>Tag Scope</title>
        <property name='cm:tagScopeCache'>

The aspect defines a single d:content property containing the aggregated data in plain text. The structure of the content is as follows:


This is the data that is returned when API requests are made for tagging data.


The TagScope object type provides the following property:

A read-only array containing the tag details in count order.

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