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ensureVersioningEnabled(autoVersion, autoVersionProps) ensures that this node has the cm:versionable aspect applied to it, and that it has the initial version in the version store.

Calling this on a versioned node with a version store entry will have no effect. Calling this on a newly uploaded share node will have versioning enabled for it.


If set to true auto versioning will also be applied if the cm:versionable aspect is applied.
If set to true auto versioning of properties will also be applied, if the cm:versionable aspect is applied.




    var version;
    var createdDate;
    var creator;

    var node = companyhome.createFile("TEST_FILE_999.TXT");

    node.ensureVersioningEnabled(true, true);

    if (node.isVersioned){
        version = node.getVersion("1.0");
        createdDate = version.createdDate;
        creator = version.creator;


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