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It is possible to tag (a text label) any content, including folders. This service provides an API for creating, deleting, and adding tags, and other tag management methods.
Information TaggingService
Support Status Full Support
Architecture Information Platform Architecture
Description Tags are simple text labels that are attached to a piece of content. Each piece of content can have multiple tags. Folders also have a TagScope object which encapsulates information about the tags used on content in that folder. The JavaScript TagScope object provides a simple illustration of what a TagScope represents. The TagScope object contains an array that lists Tags in count order. There are methods to find out how many times a particualr tag is used.
Deployment - App Server It is not likely that you will deploy Java extensions directly into a Tomcat application server as classes and Spring context files. Use an SDK build project instead.
Deployment All-in-One SDK project.
  • Java source code: aio/platform-jar/src/main/java/{domain specific package path}
  • Spring beans: aio/platform-jar/src/main/resources/alfresco/module/platform-jar/context/service-context.xml
Java API Java API documentation
Java example
// Get tags applied to node 

List<String> tags = taggingService.getTags(nodeRef);               
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