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Performing actions on multiple list items

Once you select the list items you want to work with you can select an action to perform.

The Selected Items list displays the actions that you can perform on multiple items. They are:

Copies the selected list items and adds them to the current list
Deletes the selected list items
Deselect All
Clears the check boxes of the currently selected list items

When a data list is longer than one page you can select items on multiple pages. However, the selected action is performed only on the items on the page currently displayed.

  1. Click on a data list in the Data lists explorer panel.
  2. Select items by clicking the check box next to them.
  3. Click Selected Items.

    A list displays the available actions.

  4. Click the required action.

    Click Deselect All to clear the selected items. When you select this option you cannot perform another action until you reselect the list items.

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