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Accessing the discussion forum

Access the discussion forum to view the discussion topics for the current site.
Within a discussion you can create new topics, as well as edit and delete topics you created. You can also take part in a discussion by replying to a topic.
  1. In a site click More then Discussions.

    Note: In each site the feature names can be customized. If the site manager has done this, the link might have a name other than Discussions.

    This opens the discussion forum. The main page defaults to the New view so you see a list of the topics created in the past seven days. The summary includes:

    • the topic title
    • the date and time the topic was created
    • the user who created the topic
    • the number of replies to the topic
    • a sample of the content
    • the tags associated with the topic
  2. Use the << and >> navigation buttons to move forward and backward through multiple pages of topics.
  3. Click Simple View to display only the basic topic information: title, creation date/time, and author.

    Click Detailed View to display the summary view.

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