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The Document Library

Access the site Document Library to view and work with the content in the current site.
  1. In a site click Document Library to access the library.

    Note: In each site the component names can be customized. If the site manager has done this, the link in the navigation bar might have a label other than Document Library.

    The item list takes up most of the library main page. You can filter the item list and navigate the library using the explorer panel on the left side of the page.

  2. By default items are shown in the Detailed View. Click Options to select a different view, see Library Options for more details.

    Note: In the Options menu you can also show and hide folders, switch to fullscreen view, and set up an RSS feed.
  3. Use the sort menu at the top of the list to change the criteria used to sort the items and click the Sort icon icon to toggle between ascending and descending sort order.

    Note: The view options you select (library view, sort order, hide/show folder selection) are specific to your user account. These settings are carried over from the current site to all other sites that you view. They are saved between sessions and remain the preferred view until you change it.
  4. In the list views position your cursor over a piece of content item to display the available actions. This also displays the version number, which is set to 1.0 when a new item is uploaded to the library.

    Note: If you're using a Mac then it might seem that not all of the actions are available. This is because with a Mac sometimes the scrollbars are hidden. To display the scrollbars go System Preferences > General and select to always show scroll bars.

    In the other views, click the Information icon information button for an item to display the item details, version, actions, and social features.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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