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Creating Google Docs files

You can easily create Google Docs documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from Alfresco Share.
Files you edit are temporarily stored in Google Docs, then removed from Google Docs once they've been checked back in to Share.
  1. Select the folder where you want to add the content.

    The file list displays the current contents of the selected folder. The content you create will be added here. You can create new folders as necessary.

  2. Click Create and select the type of Google Docs file you want to create.

    Important: The first time you access Google Docs you have to authorize Share to use your account. If you have a Google Username in your Alfresco Share profile then it will be used as the default account. After responding to the prompts a message lets you know that the authorization was successful.

    Share stores your Google Docs account information. You will need to authorize Share each session, but you won't have to re-enter your credentials each time.

    If your browser asks you to allow popups for Google Docs then go ahead and do so. If you're using Safari you won't be able to use Google Docs until you enable all popups in the settings, so for security reasons you may prefer to use a different browser.

    Google Docs opens with standard Google Docs functionality available, including the menu, the toolbar, and the features to add comments and share.

  3. Click the default title to rename the file. On the Rename Document dialog box, enter a name and click OK.

    Note: You can also rename the file in the Share.
  4. Create your content.

    The file is saved to Google Docs, and locked in Alfresco until you check it in.

  5. When you're done, close the Google Docs browser tab.

    In Share you'll see the file displays the Geolocation metadata icon icon to show that it's open in Google Docs.

  6. In Share, click More then Check In Google Doc.
This video shows you how to create content.

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