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Creating files

With the Create feature you can create plain text, HTML, and XML files directly in Alfresco Share.
  1. Select the folder where you want to add the content.

    The file list displays the current contents of the selected folder. The content you create will be added here.

  2. Click Create and then select the type of file you want to create.

    Note: To create content from a template, click Create document from template and select from the list of templates made available by your administrator. A new file with the same name as the template is created. You can rename the new file and edit the default content. No other steps in this task are required.
  3. Enter a Name for the content.

    The Name does not support the following special characters: * " < > \ / . ? : and |. When the name contains a disallowed character the Create button is disabled.

    Note: The name can include a period as long as it is not the last character. This allows you to add an extension (for example, .txt, .html, or .xml) if you want, though it's not required.
  4. Add a title and description for the file.
  5. Add the file content in the Content box.

    For HTML documents you can use the additional formatting options, and for XML documents you can include any required XML tagging. For HTML documents you can also drag the bottom right corner to resize the text editor.

  6. Click Create.
The file is saved to Alfresco Share and displayed in the file preview screen.

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