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Drag and drop folders

You can drag and drop folders straight from your computer into Alfresco Share.
Note: Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge do not support drag and drop functionality. We recommend using with Google Chrome or Firefox.

When you drop a folder, subfolders, or files, the dropped folder will also be added. This means that you can add whole sets of files and folders and maintain their structure.

If empty folders exist in the folder structure then they'll also be created when you upload.

Note: Thumbs.db, desktop.ini, and DS_Store files aren't uploaded, even if they exist within a folder you drag and drop.

  1. Choose where you want to add a folder, either by using the explorer panel or by clicking through folders in the file list.
  2. Click on the folder in Windows Explorer, Apple Finder, or on your desktop. Hold down the mouse button while you drag the folder then let it go to drop the folder.

    Tip: You can drag and drop folders into the current level or directly onto another folder. An arrow will be displayed when the files are correctly positioned over a folder to be dropped. You can't drag and drop content directly into folders in Table, Audio, or Media views.

    You can't upload folders whose names contain the following special characters: * " < > \ / . ? : and |.

    Note: The folder name can include a period as long as it is not the last character.
    If you drop files or folders into a location where there's already a file or folder with that name, then they'll be added as another file with "-1" added to their filename.

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