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Creating links to content

You can create links to content between Alfresco locations, within a site or across different sites. This is similar to copying content, but instead of creating a new copy, you create a link to the existing file.
  1. Find the file or folder you want to create a link to.
  2. Hover over a file/folder and click Copy to.

    Tip: In some views you'll need to click the Information icon information icon.
  3. Choose the site and folder where you want to create a link to the content.

    Note: You can only create links in sites that you have permission to access.
  4. Click Create Link.

    A link to the content is created. Links to other content have "Link to" added to their name and are represented by the Linked file and Linked Folder icons.

When you click on a linked file or folder, or select Locate Linked Item, the original file or folder will be shown in its original site.
Note: You can hover over a link and select Delete Link to remove it
If you're using something other than Alfresco Share to access content, for example Alfresco Desktop Sync, then linked files might not be visible.

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