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Authorize users

Registered users are authorized the first time they login to Alfresco Content Services unless they have ALFRESCO_ADMINSTRATORS permissions, in which case they are pre-authorized.

When the user first logs in using their user name and password, the login mechanism validates the login credentials. If the system is within the license limit, the user can successfully log in, otherwise the login attempt fails and the user remains in the Never Authorized state. Periodically, the Authorization Audit Service job runs to check usage conforms to the license limit. The period at which the Authorization Audit Service job runs is set to default values in as follows:

# Configuration of the Authorization Audit trigger                                                                                                                   
# By default every second day of the week at 03:00                                                                                                          

These properties can be overridden in

To authorize an administrative user, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Admin Tools, and then click Groups.
  2. On the Groups page, click Browse.

    The leftmost pane shows all the top-level user groups.

  3. From the user groups list, click ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS.
  4. To add a user, click the Add User icon. Using the search feature provided, locate the user you want to add to the selected group. Click Add to the right of the user.

    The individual user is added as a child to the ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS group.

  5. On the Admin Tools page, click Users.

    The User Search page displays a list of all users along with their authorization status. The authorization state of the user added to the ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS group has changed from Never Authorized to Authorized.

Note: To enable an administrator to perform the administrative tasks, members of the ALFRESCO_ADMINSTRATORS permissions group are automatically authorised, if they are not already authorised.

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