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Browsing the site links

The explorer panel on the main view enables you to filter the links for easier navigation.

The explorer panel on the left side of the page lets you display a subset of the links by selecting a specific view or a tag.

The Links list in the browsing pane provides the following options for browsing links:

All Links
Displays all links
My Links
Displays the links created by the current user
Recently Added
Displays the links created in the past seven days

The Tags list displays all tags currently associated with one or more links.

To browse the links:
  1. In the Links feature select an option in the explorer panel:
    1. In the Links list click a view to display the links in the current site that correspond to that selection.
    2. In the Tags list click the tag you're interested in to display all links in the current site associated with that tag.
  2. Click Simple View to display only the basic link details: title and URL.

    Click Detailed View to display the summary view.

  3. Position the cursor over an item in this list to display its available actions.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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