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Restoring to Alfresco Content Services Server 2

This task describes how to restore a back up of a server to another server.

  1. Install a compatible Alfresco Content Services server. This is typically an identical version to server 1.

    Note: Do not start the new server.
  2. Restore dir.root. If the path is different on server 2, change the dir.root configuration.
  3. Rename the new server's configuration directory.

    For example:

    mv tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension new_ext

  4. Move the configuration directory from dir.root to the appropriate location

    For example:

    mv alf_data/extension tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco

  5. If any configuration references server 1 explicitly, change these references to server 2.
  6. Import the database from dir.root.
  7. Start the server.
You should now have a new instance of Alfresco Content Services on a second server with identical data.

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