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Using the People Finder

You can search for people using the search box on the toolbar or you can use the People Finder to get more detailed user information.
When you find the user you are looking for you can use the Follow/Unfollow option. You can also view their user profile.
  1. Click People on the toolbar.
  2. Type a full or partial name in the search box.

    You must enter at least one character. The search is not case sensitive.

    The search looks for user names starting with your search criteria, so entering the search criteria 1 won't find the user User1. If you add *, so your search criteria is *1, then you will find the user.

    Note: See the search tips provided on the People Finder page to perform more complex searches.
  3. Click Search.
  4. In the results list, click a user name to display that user's profile.

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