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Customizing the site dashboard

Like your user dashboard, site information is organized and displayed in dashlets. As a site manager you can change the site layout, choose dashlets, and configure the display order.
Tip: Filters on the Site Activities dashlet let you customize the activities it displays. You can add multiple copies of this dashlet and then set the filters so that each one displays different information.
  1. Enter a site.
  2. Click then Customize Dashboard.

    The Customize Dashboard page displays the current layout and configuration of your dashboard.

  3. Change the site dashboard layout:
    1. Click Change Layout.
    2. Click the layout you want to use. You can click the image or the Select button beside it.
  4. Select the site dashlets:
    1. Click Add Dashlets.
    2. Drag and drop dashlets from the Add Dashlets section onto the columns below.

      Tip: Some dashlets are about specific site features, for example, the Wiki dashlet displays a page from the site wiki. If you haven't added a wiki to the site then the Wiki dashlet won't have anything to show.
    3. Drag and drop a dashlet to the garbage can to remove it (or press DELETE).
  5. Drag the dashlets within and across columns to organize the display order.
  6. Click OK to save the dashboard configuration.

    You can resize most dashlets. Drag the bottom edge of the dashlet until it is the height you want.

This video shows you how to customize a site dashboard.

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