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Using the Site Finder

You can search for sites using the search box on the toolbar or you can use the Site Finder to get more detailed site information.
From the search results you can navigate to a site, join or leave sites, and delete a site (managers only).
  1. Open the Sites menu and click Site Finder.
  2. Type a full or partial site name in the search box.

    Tip: Leave the search box empty to display all sites you have permission to access.

    The search looks for sites starting with your search criteria, so entering the search criteria awe won't find the site Project Awesome. If you add *, so your search criteria is *awe, then you will find the site.

  3. Click Search.

    A list of sites matching your criteria is shown. This list includes public sites, moderated public sites, sites you created, and private sites that you belong to. To the right of a site, the actions Join and Request to Join indicate you are not a site member; the action Leave indicates you are a site member.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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