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You can access Desktop Sync settings by clicking the application icon in the menu bar then selecting Settings.
Click then Settings to access the Settings options.

Pause / Resume Sync

Select Pause Sync when you prefer to work offline, for example due to slow network speeds, or if you're working on a particularly large file. Once you've selected Pause Sync, the menu option changes to Resume Sync.

Select Resume Sync to resume syncing with Alfresco Content Services.

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Consistency Check

Performs a consistency check on Desktop Sync. This is typically used in collaboration with your IT team when you need support.

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Manage Sync Folder

Selecting Manage Sync Folder opens the Select sites and folders to sync dialog. This allows you to select more content to sync, or deselect content to stop syncing. See Selecting content to sync for more.

If you deselect a previously synced folder and click Sync, then the synced content from your desktop is removed. In case you have any unsynced or conflicted files, they will be orphaned in /<userHome>/Alfresco/orphaned.

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Remove Account

Removes the synced user from Desktop Sync and deletes all the synced content from the desktop. Use this option as the first stage of uninstalling Desktop Sync.

You can still access your files in Alfresco. Any content that can't be removed from your desktop is orphaned. On removing your account you are taken back to the Desktop Sync login dialog. Close the login dialog to quit the application. See Setting up Desktop Sync.

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View online help.

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View the version number of Desktop Sync you're using.

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Closes Desktop Sync.

You won't be able to sync content during this time. Syncing will resume when you restart Desktop Sync. Any content updated while Desktop Sync was closed will be synced when the application is restarted.

It's recommended that you always have Desktop Sync up and running so that your local content and Alfresco are in sync.

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Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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