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Configure OpenSearch

You can configure OpenSearch to use a search engine proxy.

OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for sharing search string results, in order to extend existing schemas such as ATOM or RSS. The list of registered search engines is in /config/alfresco/web-scripts-config.xml. You can configure a search engine proxy so that the OpenSearch client indirectly submits a search request through the Alfresco Content Services Web Server (the proxy), rather than directly to the search engine.

  1. Create a new file called /config/alfresco/extension/web-scripts-config-custom.xml.

    This file will contain the search engine proxy information.

  2. Create a new search engine proxy, using the proxy attribute. For example:

     <engine label="Alfresco Open Source Talk" proxy="opentalk">
         <url type="application/rss+xml">

    Note: The value of the proxy attribute must be a unique name that identifies the search engine.

  3. Save /config/alfresco/extension/web-scripts-config-custom.xml.

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