Alfresco Search and Insight Engine

Sample Insight Zeppelin SQL

Using Insight Zeppelin you can create some reports with the following example SQL queries:

Note: Insight Zeppelin comes with a note and example reports, see Insight Zeppelin reports and notes.

The number of documents in the repository

Select count(*) as Documents from alfresco
where TYPE='cm:content'

The amount of storage used in the repository**

Select sum(`cm:content.size`) as `Storage Used (bytes)` from alfresco

The amount of content created in the last 60 days

Select cm_created_day, count(*) from alfresco 
where cm_created >= 'NOW/DAY-60DAYS' 
group by cm_created_day

The amount of new documents created by what user and for which site

Select SITE, cm_creator, count(*) as total from alfresco 
where NOT cm_creator = 'System' 
group by SITE, cm_creator order by total desc

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