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Alfresco Insight Zeppelin reports and notes

Alfresco Insight Zeppelin lets you create reports using SQL. The reports can be put together to make a dashboard.

Note: Before upgrading Alfresco Insight Zeppelin ensure you backup your notes first. Then once the upgrade is complete you can re-import them. See Export/Import Alfresco Insight Zeppelin Notes.
This is a list of pre-configured reports:
  • Repository reports

    • Total storage used in bytes
    • Total number of documents
    • Total folders
    • Count of documents by MIMEtype
  • Site reports

    • Total documents by site
    • Total documents by site and MIMEtype
    • Total volume by site in bytes
  • Activity reports

    • Count of content created per day in the last 60 days
    • Count of content modified per day in the last 60 days
    • New documents by user and site
    • Modified documents by user and site
    • Count of locked content by user
    • Top largest documents

The following image shows an example dashboard created using the pre-configured reports.

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