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Export/Import Alfresco Insight Zeppelin Notes

Before upgrading Alfresco Search and Insight Engine ensure you export each individual Alfresco Insight Zeppelin note so you can reimport them after the upgrade. If you don't do this your notes will be lost as they do not carry over during the upgrade.
Note: When importing an Alfresco Insight Zeppelin note you may need to set its note permissions again.
Use these steps to export and import your Alfresco Insight Zeppelin notes.
  1. Go to Alfresco Insight Zeppelin.
  2. On the Welcome to Zeppelin home page access a note.
  3. Click the Export this note button.
  4. Return to the Welcome to Zeppelin home page and repeat the procedure for all your notes.
  5. Once the upgrade is complete return to the Welcome to Zeppelin home page.
  6. Click Import note.
  7. Click Select JSON file and select the note you want to reimport.

    If you want to reimport the note with a different name you can enter it into the Import as field.

  8. Repeat the procedure for all your notes.

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