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Configuring the Encrypted content store

Use this information to configure the Encrypted content store.

The Encrypted content store is configured using the properties in the file and can also be administered using JMX.

Set up encryption properties using file

To configure the Encrypted content store, set the configuration properties in the file. For example, here is a set of properties which configure the default Java JCE provider implementation with two master keys (override the cryptodoc.jce.providerName property to configure a specific provider).
For detailed information on these properties, see Encrypted content store properties.
Note: On Enterprise, properties edited using JMX are persisted and will override any settings in the file. Use the JMX client to change the configuration properties on Enterprise.

Set up encryption properties using JMX client

You can configure the Encrypted content store using the JMX client, such as JConsole on the JMX MBeans > Alfresco > Configuration > ContentStore > managed > encrypted > Attributes tab.

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