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Disabling Alfresco Content Services features

You can disable common product components, if you do not require them for your Alfresco Content Services instance. This summary gives the example property settings for disabling the main components.
Note: If you are unsure of the effect of disabling a feature, contact Alfresco Support for recommendations.
Add the following property settings to the file:
Property Description
system.usages.enabled=false Disables quotas or user usages.

audit.enabled=false Specifies a way to globally enable or disable the auditing framework.
cifs.enabled=false Specifies whether to enable or disable the CIFS server.
sync.mode=OFF Use this property to disable synchronization permanently.
audit.alfresco-access.enabled=false Disables generation of audit data.

Use this property to create home folders (unless it is disabled using the home.folder.creation.disabled=true property) when people are created (true) or created lazily (false).

Lazy creation (false) means that the home folder will not be created when the user is created.


Disables the creation of home folders.

db.schema.update=false Specifies whether the system bootstrap should create or upgrade the database schema automatically.
activities.feed.notifier.enabled=false Disables the Share Activities email notification.
Note: The system.workflow.engine.activiti.enabled property is no longer available.

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