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Installing and configuring Alfresco Content Services Nodes

Use this information to install and configure nodes in a cluster based on the scenario described in Scenario: Clustering for high throughput.
  1. Install the Alfresco Content Services nodes. See Installing in a distributed environment for more information.
  2. Set up multiple Alfresco Content Services instances in a clustered environment. See Set up clustering for more information.
  3. Open the file.
    1. Set the following repository properties.

    2. Set the following clustering property.

      alfresco.hazelcast.password=bm0013 (Specifies a password for secutiry reasons (optional)).
    3. Set the following search properties.
      dir.keystore=${dir.root}/keystore (Specifies the path to keystore file. This is optional, required only if SSL communication is being used.)
      solr.port=80 (Specifies the Solr load balancer port.)
      solr.secureComms=none (for HTTP transport between Alfresco and SOLR), ssl for HTTPS transport
      solr.port.ssl=8443 (Specifies the Solr load balancer ssl port.) (Specifies the Solr load balancer IP address or hostname.)

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