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Subsystem categories

Every subsystem has a category and a type.
  • Category is a broad description of the subsystem's function, for example, Authentication.
  • Type is a name for the particular flavor of implementation, where multiple alternative implementations exist, for example, ldap. Where a subsystem has only one implementation, you can use the default type name of default.

The Alfresco-supplied subsystem categories are:

Handles the audit related functions.
Handles all authentication related functions, including:
  • Password-based authentication
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) for WebClient, WebDAV, Web Scripts, and SharePoint Protocol
  • CIFS and FTP authentication
  • User registry export (LDAP only)

The subsystem is chained so that multiple instances of different types can be configured and used together.

Handles the settings for OpenOffice transformations. With this subsystem, the Alfresco server directly manages OpenOffice.
Handles the JODConverter settings for OpenOffice transformations. With this subsystem, the JODConverter manages OpenOffice, including a pool of separate OpenOffice processes, automatic restart of crashed OpenOffice processes, automatic termination of slow OpenOffice operations, automatic restart of any OpenOffice process after a number of operations.
Performs regular synchronization of local user and group information with the user registry exporters (usually LDAP directories) in the authentication chain.
Handles the properties for the CIFS, FTP, and NFS servers.
Handles the outbound and inbound SMTP property settings.
Handles the properties for the IMAP service.
Handles the properties for server administration.
Handles the properties for SWF Tools and ImageMagick content transformers.
Handles the properties for WCM Deployment Receiver.
Handles the search mechanism for Alfresco, which is set to lucene.